About Our Fair

OC Fair Logo Final Color 5-20_TABThe site is easily accessible from all of Ontario County and has parking for thousands. The grandstand area has a seating capacity for more than 4,000 people.

The Ontario County Fair is dedicated to the promotion of better agriculture, better industry and better education of today’s youth. Fun at the fair is always a top priority and good food, fun carnival rides, live music and entertainment are around every corner.

Here’s what Kirk House, former Curator of the Glenn Curtiss Museum had to say… “A small fair, like my favorite in Ontario County, is real people baking and making, growing and showing, living real lives in real communities. I look over all their work, whether I know them or not, and applaud enthusiastically when their kids get awards.”

Come see the real Ontario County that Kirk House speaks of, and come join us this year at the Ontario County Fair!