Board Of Directors

Officers  (Moving to staggered 2-Year Terms)

President: Casey Kunes – 2023
1st Vice President: Earl Gorton – 2024
Secretary: Shana Jo Hilton – 2024
Treasurer: Skip Gorton – 2023

Directors Term Through 2023

Steve Torkelson
Eben Kennedy
Pete Spoor
Tyler Henderson
Kathy Mastellar – 1st year probation
Jeremy DePew
Ricahard Lawson
George Kramer
Gerald DePew
Claire Sheppard

Term Through 2024

Randy Rugenstein
Seth Pritchard
Gerry Wyffels
Earl Gorton
Gary Pritchard
Earl Gorton, Jr.
Shana Jo Hilton
Rob Clark
Tom Snyder
Jim Lawson

Term up in 2025

Casey Kunes
Mike Pyra
Kort Smithling
Barb Bolton
Greg Wyffels
Tamara Felker
Kyle Coryn
George Payne – Executive Advisor
Julie Maslyn – Farm Bureau Liasion

Life Directors – Honorary Members

Margaret Miller
Sam Casella
Eleanor Schrader
Gary Love
Keven Shipmen
Jim McDowell

Lee DePew

Carl Blood

John Schrader

We take a moment to pause and reflect on the passing of past Life Members and their contribution to the society.